The Moments That Take Your Breath Away

Wednesday morning I had a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meeting, in which we discussed, after viewing an inspirational video, having the courage to rest and rejuvenate. Inspired from the meeting, I took the time to take a stroll with my toddler and dog. (Walking is one of my ways to rejuvenate). Especially at this time of year where there are so many expectations; so many pressures. The pressure to buy the right gift, the pressure to do all the Christmas activities, the pressure to make those homemade cookies. (that’s the biggest one hanging over my head right now). There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of those activities. It can all be just a little too much, a little too overwhelming.  Sometimes you just need to  stop and notice the sunset; smell the proverbial flower. That night, the sky was an incredible orange/purple; Christmas lights were coming on as we strolled. It was just what I needed. It is how, I believe, God speaks to me.

I sometimes feel as though my world is speeding by me. I am the highway on which the cars are whizzing .  I need some speed bumps slowing my life down. My little baby is growing up so fast; she is now a toddler and “big girl”. I am trying to remember to slow down and just be. Be with my Sophie and learn who she is; learn to be the parent she needs. . Be with my husband and just savor the moments. I have a hanging on my wall that says ” Life is not measured in the how many breaths you take, but in the moments that take your breath away”. How true that is. It is so hard to make yourself slow down, and I am no different. It is a miracle that I have slowed down to write this post. I have company coming for dinner; Christmas is too close. I have presents to wrap and a car to pack. My house is a mess (though much cleaner as I write this, sigh).  It looks as though we are moving from all boxes sitting all over my living room and guest (aka storage) room waiting to be wrapped. I am forgetting the reason behind all this craziness: the gratitude I feel to be able to have boxes full of gifts, the joy in my heart to be able to celebrate and provide a warm meal to loved ones. As I sit here heavy with burden of things to do,  I’ve become at peace (for the moment) realizing the joy and knowing I am loved by first and foremost my Savior.

My prayer is this:

That amongst the business of the season and this American life, we will stop. We will remember that God is in control. Maybe we don’t’ always see it, but that is why he is God and we are not. Remember the extraordinary moments. Moments where your almost two-year old shoves a whole handful of candy sprinkles in her mouth instead of on the cookies. (we did manage a few decorations on the cookies). Moments where your husband gives you a hug in the morning and tells you how much he appreciates and loves you. The moments of a father and daughter reading together. The moments of pure excitement as only a babe can manage over being able to balance on a step stool.  The moments of tickle giggles and incoherent babbling will soon be a distant memory. Those are a few of the moments that take my breath away. I would love for you to share the moments that take your breath away.

Philippians 4: 8 (NIV) “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable- if anything is excellent or praiseworthy- think about such things.

The day my daughter was born and my breath would be stolen in that moment forever.

The day my daughter was born and my breath would be stolen in that moment forever.


3 thoughts on “The Moments That Take Your Breath Away

  1. Very well said.. You have always been able to say what I need to are right,We need to enjoy what we have around us and appreciate what god has given us. More than most of us do. i especially am guilty of always being in a hurry, but yet I do love and want to stop and breath in it more.We r busy a lot and think that things like cookies have to be they don’t .nothing will happen if the cookies are not made on thanks so much for reminding me to appreciate the beautiful and remarkable moments that god has given us and the other stuff will happen when it happens.


  2. Here’s another awesome moment from tonight: Watching my daughter twirl and dance with her Aunt!


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