What You Don’t Know About Your Mother: Five questions you may have never thought to ask

bjwpf 025Being as it’s Mother’s Day, it is only appropriate to remember all mothers, not only on this day, but every day.  While the holiday has been commercialized, it is important to note that it was originally meant to celebrate mothers and their sacrifices for their children, as well as to celebrate family relationships. (http://www.history.com/topics/holidays/mothers-day)  As part of that celebration, I would like for you to pause and think about your own mother. Think of her as a person and woman, not just your mother. Yes, she raised you and undoubtedly gladly sacrificed for you, but she is still a woman and not just as your mother. Before you, she had her own life, her own dreams and aspiratons, her own likes and hobbies. Perhaps she shared those with you, but if you are like me, you were too self absorbed to consider that part of your mother’s life. So here Is a list of questions to ask your mother, to learn about her and celebrate who she is as a mother and a woman:

1. If you had one day to only do what you want to do, what would it be?  (when you find out the answer, remember the answer, as it would make a wonderful gift for mother’s day or any day!)

2. What is your least favorite chore to do?

3. What are your favorites in everything? (food, flowers, color, hobbies, etc…)

4. What is one thing that you wish you had accomplished before children that perhaps you were not able to achieve for whatever reason?

5. What are some of your favorite memories? (either before having you or after!)

There are countless questions you could ask. I learned the following lesson from my mother: No matter your age, remember to try and seek the other side. There is always a reason that people are the way they are or do the things they do. Sometimes we just need to ask and try on the other person’s shoes.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there and mothers to be!


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